Best Laptop Coolers – A Buyer’s Guide to the Top Laptop Coolers

best laptop coolersLooking for the best laptop cooler? This website is here to help. If you’re frustrated with sheer amount of laptop coolers out there, you’ll appreciate the detailed laptop cooler reviews you’ll be able to find on my site.

What defines the best laptop cooler? What characteristics or features should it have? What are some of the factors you need to consider before choosing your laptop cooler? These are just some of the questions you need to ask when searching for the best laptop cooler available.

First of all, a laptop cooler’s sole purpose is to do one thing and one thing only, to cool down your laptop so that it doesn’t overheat and break down. Laptop coolers were designed with the purpose of blowing cool air towards your laptop to reduce the heat emitted from the internal system.

This is purely an add-on to help your laptop’s built-in fans to cool down your system. Do you really even need a laptop cooler? Well it depends on how often you use your laptop. If you use your laptop for only half an hour a day, there’s hardly any need to use a laptop cooler at all. Save your money.

But if you use your laptop as a desktop computer or keep your laptop turned on for hours on end because you’re working or gaming, you absolutely must have a good laptop cooler to make sure that it doesn’t overheat. Some laptops have a notorious habit of overheating due to poor build quality and development.

Six Key Factors to Consider When Choosing Laptop Coolers

While there are many laptop coolers on the market, many of them have the same features and every single of them can be measured according to a specific criteria. Consider the following 6 factors before you make a buying decision.

  1. Price: The best laptop cooler is not the most expensive. That’s for sure. Some mid-range laptop coolers can perform as well as the most expensive laptop cooler out there. Since most of them function equally well, you should pick one that is affordable to you and yet of high quality.

  2. Durability. The best laptop cooler is one that is durable. Some laptop coolers can only last for a month or two before their fan starts to get clogged up which slows down the cool air. Not all laptop coolers are durable so to get the most value for money, you should pick one with a good build quality. It must be sturdy and well designed.

  3. Quietness. The best laptop cooler is one that is loud. The laptop cooler fans should be quiet and no more than a very gentle murmur should be even noticeable. There is nothing more annoying than a laptop cooler with a noisy fan. It can be extremely irritating.

  4. Portability/Size. The best laptop cooler is often not too heavy so it can be easily portable and carried along with the laptop in your home or office. Since most laptop coolers use the USB port for energy, it is to your advantage to choose a laptop cooler that is portable and light weight. You should also choose a laptop cooler that fits the size of your laptop as well.

  5. Cooling Power. This is a prime factor and one you should really be concerned about. The best laptop cooler MUST be able to cool down your laptop remarkably well. Some laptop coolers have multiple fans that make it more powerful than one with just a single fan. The positioning of the fans are important as well. Is it directly positioned where your laptop gets hot? How well does it keep your laptop cool? Two other key factors to examine are angle of the laptop cooler and the material of its surface. Is the laptop cooler angled to allow air to pass between the laptop and the laptop cooler? Is the laptop cooler made of plastic, metal or aluminum? This can greatly affect the cooling power of the laptop as well.

  6. Design. The best laptop cooler should be pleasing to the eye. You want a laptop cooler design that you fancy because you’ll be looking at it just about everyday. Some even choose a laptop cooler based on how well it matches the look of the laptop while others prefer to examine how effective the laptop design is in reducing heat. Two key factors to examine are angle of the laptop cooler and the material of its surface, both of which we’ve already looked at above.

As you can see, there are many factors to consider when choosing the best laptop cooler. The good thing is I’ve taken them all into careful consideration in my detailed laptop cooler reviews.

If you don’t have time to read all the laptop cooler reviews and just want my personal recommendations right now, check out my list of the top 3 laptop coolers on the market right now. I’ve tested many coolers extensively and these are the ones that stood out for me in terms of cooling power, design and build quality. Trust me, you can’t go wrong with choosing any of them.

best laptop cooler

Logitech Speaker Lapdesk N700Logitech Speaker Lapdesk N700. I like my gadgets to be multi-purpose and super useful. The Logitech Speaker Lapdesk N700 falls into this category. It’s not just a laptop cooler. It’s an ultra comfortable lap desk with a nice cushion and sturdy flat top. On top of that, it’s a full 2.0 stereo speaker system as well. It’s a laptop cooler, lap desk and speaker system all rolled in one. Very cool.

It’s powered by a single USB cable and has an extremely quiet fan that really works to pull heat away from your laptop while you’re using it. You can make it stationery by putting it on a desk and placing your laptop on it or you can simply use it while you’re chilling out on the armchair or couch. I use it in my favorite armchair on the balcony and its a luxury, especially since I don’t have to rely on my crappy laptop speakers. Highly recommended if you’re looking for a multi-purpose laptop cooler that works. It’s a fantastic gift too, I’ve given it to several of my friends and they’ve all told me that they liked it a lot.

Click here to read my review of the Logitech Speaker Lapdesk N700 or if you want to buy it right now, you can get it from Amazon at a 16% discount and free shipping.

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Zalman ZM-NC2000 Notebook CoolerZalman ZM-NC2000 Notebook Cooler. This is one classy laptop cooler. It’s built using a skinny 3mm thick aluminum panel with a cool blue LED glow and extra USD ports. It’s got a Apple-ish design: it’s really slim, minimalistic and doesn’t have any extra panels, edges or labels. This is a high quality and sturdy laptop cooler that’s perfect for long hours of non-stop gaming or web surfing. It’s equally good when used on the desk or lap.

I use the Zalman ZM-NC2000 only on my desk and prefer to use the Logitech Lapdesk whenever I want to put the laptop on my legs. I’ve been using this laptop cooler for over a year already and it’s still going strong. Usually the fans in inferior laptop coolers will be messed up within a year but not the super durable Zalman. I can imagine using this laptop cooler for a couple more years without any problems at all. Highly recommended.

Click here to read my review of the Zalman ZM-NC2000 Notebook Cooler or you can simply buy it now from Amazon at a 20% discount price and get free shipping

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Targus Lap Chill Mat AWE55USTargus Lap Chill Mat AWE55US. This laptop cooler is pretty big and can support a 17 inch laptop easily without any problems. It also has a very nice slant to it which makes it really ergonomic and very comfortable for typing. I particularly like the Targus Lap Chill Mat a lot because its one of the few laptop cooling pads that just fits perfectly with the position of my wrists and hands.

The rubber stops at the four edges is a nice touch and prevents the laptop from slipping off the laptop cooler. Other key points I like about it include the fact that the fans are placed to pull air in from the side so you can actually place it on a surface like the bed without any problems. You don’t have to worry about the bedsheets jamming up the fans and stopping them from working. It’s also very light-weight and quiet as well. Excellent laptop cooler with a great ergonomic design.

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Just a final word of advice. It’s usually better to buy laptop coolers online. I recommend buying from because they usually have fantastic discounts with prices cheaper than retail stores like BestBuy. They also offer free shipping for a great deal of laptop coolers and are very reliable when it comes to delivery. I’ve been buying through Amazon for years and never had any problems at all.

Thanks for your time and feel share this website with your friends and anyone interested in buying a laptop cooler!

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