Antec Unbeatable Notebook Cooler 200 Review

I decided to go with the Antec Unbeatable Notebook Cooler 200 to give my laptop a bit of fresh air and I am so glad I did.  I work from home as a web programmer and video game designer and my favorite hobby is gaming.  I spend a lot of time on my trusty laptop, which means overheating can be a problem.  The 200 millimeter Antec Big Boy Fan is more than enough to deal with the heat.  The fan comes with two speed settings, allowing me to choose how much juice I want. Even though it’s big, the fan is very quiet, allowing me to work without having to reach for the earplugs. The low power USB adaptor runs efficiently and won’t decimate your battery.  It even looks great with a sleek design and an internal blue LED light.  This device is heavy duty enough to deal with all of your cooling needs without being a burden on your power sources – you can’t go wrong with it.


  • Heavy Duty Fan: I really love this thing.  When I’m gaming my laptop can get dangerously hot, but the Antec Big Boy Fan is more than a match for it.  It distributes air evenly, efficiently, and powerfully. My laptop stays cool no matter what program or game I’m running – in fact, my computer’s built in fans rarely turn on at all.

  • Two Speed Settings: Some of the laptop coolers I’ve tried before have a “one size fits all” mentality.  They have one speed setting and you have to pray it works for you.  This isn’t the case with the Antec Unbeatable.  There are two fan-speed settings built in, allowing you to choose exactly how much oomph you want.  I usually keep it on the lower setting for programming and then amp it up when I’m gaming.  Both settings work great.

  • Easy on the Battery: I hate it when accessories become a huge drain on my battery life. Because of this I was a little worried about hooking a large fan up through a USB.  I shouldn’t have worried, though, because this device is incredibly efficient.  I haven’t noticed much of a drain on my battery at all, yet it’s still powerful enough to keep things cool.

  • Nearly Silent: Quiet is essential for me when I’m working. Having a loud fan around can be extremely distracting.  This hasn’t been an issue in the slightest with the Antec Unbeatable.  The fan operates with almost no noise.  It’s also powerful enough that my computer’s built-in fans are nearly always off, making the environment even more silent.  Definitely a boost to my productivity level.


  • A Bit Heavy: If you’re looking for a cooler to travel around with, I would not recommend this one.  Because its fan is so powerful it’s a little bulky.  Definitely not laptop-case friendly.  However, if you’re planning on using it around the home it’s a great bet.  You won’t have to move it too far and you can take full advantage of the giant fan.

  • No Off Switch: Since your computer is still supplying power even when it’s in sleep mode, the cooler won’t turn off if it’s still plugged in.  This can be a bit annoying if you’re worried about battery life.  I expected this based on my experience with other coolers, so it was pretty easy to get into the habit of unplugging it every time I turn my laptop off.

The Antec Unbeatable Notebook Cooler has made a huge difference in the efficiency and temperature of my laptop.  It helps keep things running smoothly whether I’m surfing the web, working, or gaming. The Antec Big Boy Fan is unbeatable, providing consistent cooling without causing a racket or destroying my battery.  It looks great and works even better.  It’s a bit of an investment compared to other laptop coolers, but it’s definitely an investment worth making.

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