Antec USB Powered Notebook Cooler Review

The Antec USB- Powered Notebook Cooler weighs 2.8 pounds and is a very worthwhile proposition protecting your valuable investment and reduces the heat of your laptop.

It has a USB fan powered cooler with the inclusion of a pass through connector. Interestingly the Antec notebook cooler uses the USB port for drawing power however without losing complete use of the USB port. The device is low on the power consumption factor. Moreover, a power adapter or batteries are not required for the running of the pad.

For an efficient cooling system, 2 double ball bearing fans are also attached for added reliability. The mechanism works absolutely silently, only up to 25.9 decibel. The attractive feature of the cooling pad is that the AQ3 Antec Quality has a three year warranty attaché to it.

The Antec notebook cooler I feel is a better alternative than most of the alternative solutions. I like the construction of the plastic body and the metal top which makes it very solid, stable and sturdy. Moreover, the aluminum top helps disburse the heat well and works well due to its durability as well. This makes it work well on the table, lap or desk without making it uncomfortably warm on either.

I also like the USB cable, which is nice and short pass-through one which also has an extra USB port which helps connect to other devices as well.

Moreover, I feel that the cooling system is very efficient and the fans make no noise irrespective of the speed at which they are running. The surface holes which are designed to have an option of rubber pegs for increased space improve air flow.

The pad is very solid due to its solid rubber feet and thus provides a very strong grip of the laptop thus I find it very comfortable to use and can vouch for its portability as well.

I am very pleased with the three year warranty attached to the device which gives me a comfort factor and an assurance in case if the device fails.

On the other hand, I did not appreciate the fact that outer holes along with the fans accumulate dust all the time. Moreover, though the air flow looks like it was flowing from the entire top, actually it was only from the center.

I was not very comfortable with the blue LED light as it was a bit too bright, however that I realized could be covered with an electrical tape. I felt that the cable might prove to be a bit short for those who did not have left side USB ports and would thus need a USB extender.

On the overall, I felt would surely recommend the product due to its effective cooling system, versatile and sturdy designing. The pros would be a sure shot winner over the cons thus go for this device and you are sure to experience happiness!

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