Belkin F5L028 Laptop Cooling Lounge Review

The Belkin F5L028 laptop cooling lounge is a perfect pick for if you want to protect your laptop from incessant heat and without having to only work on a desk or a table. It weighs 4 pounds and is a USB powered device which does not require and bulky adapters or batteries.

It has a fan which is strategically placed to move all the hot air away from the computer and you also. The cooling lounge does not restrict the user to be bound to a desk and can work on a comfortable sofa or in an easy chair.

It is specially designed for an extra-wide design which makes it easy and comfortable to work on the pad without the laptop slipping. The curvature and the neutral color scheme would match any d├ęcor very nicely. An interesting feature which the pad has is an adjustable height mechanism which gives the utmost comfort while working.

Most attractively it is backed up by a one year warranty which is an added feature.

I love the fact that it is very comfortable on my lap and that the elevation of the incline is adjustable from beneath the device. Moreover, when placed on the desk, the contoured front lip of the device serves very comfortable for wrist support and also make it easier for typing with the elevation of the lounge. Furthermore, the customized height of the screen makes it easier to work on the laptop.

I feel that the cooling system is fantastic as well. Under the laptop there is an excellent space for air circulation which helps keep the former cooled while long sessions of use as well. It also has a good gripping system which the laptop fits very well into.

On the other hand I feel that at times the sound of the fan is a bit loud this can be disturbing though does not prove to be a very big hindrance. Also, I feel that the size is a bit bulky which might prove to be troublesome for travel use. Also at times, the bottom lip is tall which presses into the wrists during long sessions However, I do not appreciate the fact that the cooler does not turn off when the laptop is off.

Overall, I would recommend this product for its convenience of usage and customization of height according to comfort and ease. Moreover, I feel that cooling system is surely very efficient. The device is surely a strongly recommended buy!

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