Kinamax FAN-NTP3 Business Notebook Cooler Pad Review

Kinamax Fan NTP3 Business Notebook Cooler pad weighs 1.2 pounds, light weight and portable and with about half an inch thickness which makes it easily conducive to travel use. The cooling system consists of 3 in built 60 mm fans which are quiet and work quickly and efficiently for heat dissipation.

Moreover, the front fan has a system for on and off which makes it easily accessible. Also the fans are USB powered and additional adapters are not needed. The fan speed is about 3000 RPM when it is put on and it creates a 30 CFM of airflow.

Moreover, the hot air is sucked in from underneath the laptop and comes out through the opening on the rear. There are 3 green LED lights which are on indicating that the fans are on working status. The noise of the fan is barely to a 21 decibel level.

I like the Kinamax Business Notebook Cooler Pad and feel it is the best option to get to the lowest temperatures amongst all the other possible alternative solutions. This makes it the most comfortable while using on a lap or a table.

Moreover, I like the fact that it cools my laptop in just a few minutes say in 8-10 minutes. Also, with the fan being so effective, it is very quiet and does not make any noise which thus proves to be more conducive to work environment

Also the product is priced very attractively and thus I found it very affordable.

A drawback which I faced was that the product is a bit curved and opened from the bottom which makes it a bit uncomfortable on the lap; however a lap desk suits perfectly fine.

Also, I feel that the USB cord is a bit too long and thus immense care needs to be taken while handling it. Moreover, I feel that the construction is a bit flimsy since there is some loose wiring open on the bottom which can prove to be a bit dangerous.

Overall, I strongly suggest the Kinamax Fan-NTP3 Business Notebook Cooler Pad since it is a steal for the price which it available for. Also, the cooling system is absolutely fantastic and does the job superbly.

Moreover, the durability and sturdiness of the product can be motivators to get the cooling pad. Thus a sure shot recommendation, worth each dollar you pay for it!

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