Macally TUNEFAN 2.1 Stereo Speakers with Subwoofer and Cooling Fan Review

When I first heard about the Macally TUNEFAN 2.1 Stereo Speakers with Subwoofer and Cooling Fan I was a little skeptical.  Speakers and a cooling pad seemed like a strange combination at first, but once I started using it I have to admit I was hooked.  The device is USB powered, but the makers were kind enough to include an AC/DC adaptor to make sure things run smoothly.  There’s a line-in jack that lets you use other audio or MP3 players with the speakers. The large fan keeps laptops cool without causing a racket – the speakers take care of that job! This cooler even looks great, with a blue LED light built in.  This device keeps my computer cool and running well as well as provides high quality audio – it really takes care of everything.


  • Two in One Functionality: I am a web programmer by day and a gamer by night.  This cooler works to help me in both pursuits.  The large fan keeps my laptop cool whether I’m writing code or shooting zombies.  The audio function is a huge step up from my dinky little laptop speakers, allowing me to listen to music (or bombs exploding) in a much more immersive way.

  • Excellent Sound Quality: When hearing about this cooler I sort of ignored the audio part, thinking it was just a gimmick to make the device more interesting.  I was absolutely wrong to do so, because the sound quality is amazing.  I can play music loud enough for everyone to listen to if I’m having a party, plus the stereo effect is great for gaming.

  • Two Ways to Power: A big thumbs up to Macally for thinking to include both USB and AC/DC power options for this device.  While the cooler on its own doesn’t put a strain on the battery, having the speakers on does have an effect.  When you switch from USB to outlet power the speakers get louder, giving it even more functionality.

  • Line-In Jack: While I use this device more as a cooler than as speakers, it’s really nice to have the option to plug an MP3 player in.  It’s a great alternative to iPod speakers.   My girlfriend will usually plug her iPod in while we’re cleaning up around the house or cooking dinner.  It lets you get a lot of use out of one device.

  • Effective Fan: With all the excitement about the audio functions, it’s easy to forget about the device’s cooling powers.  It definitely does the job.  A large fan keeps computers cool and running as they should without creating enough of a racket to keep the speakers from doing their job.


  • A Little Small: If you have a larger laptop you may have trouble fitting it on the cooling pad.  My laptop is 17 inches and hangs over the edge just a bit.  The surface has enough grip to it that I’m not constantly fighting to keep my computer on, though, so as long as you don’t mind things not lining up exactly right it’s not an issue.

  • Fan Does Make Some Noise: While the fan is not loud, it’s not exactly silent either.  I’ve used coolers where the fan doesn’t make a sound at all, but this one is about the same level of noise as the average laptop fan.  Definitely not loud enough to cause a distraction, and in most situations it will blend in with other noise in the room (or be completely covered up by the sounds coming out of the speakers).

Having a cooler and a set of speakers in the same place was a stroke of genius that I am taking full advantage of.  Both the fan and the audio system that come with the Macally TUNEFAN 2.1 are high quality.  You get great sound, great cooling, and the option of using USB or AC/DC power. This gives you a ton of flexibility and makes both work and play easier and more enjoyable.  It’s a bit of an investment, but this device is worth every penny.

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