Portable Notebook Cooling Pad Cool Lift Review

The portable Cool life is barely 5 ounces on weight and it is basically designed such that airflow can be promoted in notebooks. It supports all kinds of notebooks. It has an angular design which promotes a good and fine posture and also ensures prevention of carpal tunnels. However the Cool lift is essentially designed for use on a desktop, or a table and not for usage on a lap.

The light weight and durability of the cool-lift ensures portability and suitable for purpose of travel. The size is barely 10 inches by 1.125 inches by 8 inches which confirms the above.

I like the comfort which I derive due to typing on my notebook which is placed on the cooling pad. This is due to the fact that the keyboard is put at a very comfortable angle which thus creates the ease.

All my overheating problems have been solved and the cooling system works fabulously on my laptop. It elevates the notebook a bit for air circulation which makes the cooling system very effective and quick.

Moreover, the pricing of the product makes it very affordable and attractive. Also, the light weight proves the cooler pad very portable and I can easily carry it wherever I go.

Furthermore, it proves to grip small and mini laptops very securely and gives stability. The cooling pad had increased the battery life of my notebook since the speed was surely decreased by my over heating problems. Thus I consider it a fantastic buy.

A drawback which I face is that the cooling pad is a bit too small. It is barely about eleven to twelve inches. That would be problematic in terms of the cooler pad gripping a larger notebook very firmly.

Also, I do not like the fact that it cannot be placed on my lap while I am working. The foam makes it flimsy and thus inconvenient if not used on a hard surface. Also due to the smoothness of the product, if kept on a tilted surface could cause your laptop to slide very easily.

Overall, a very good buy and a value for money product. The designing, durability and sturdiness attributes to the great value of the product. Moreover, the quick, effective and silent cooling is a sure added advantage which proves to be very beneficial. Also the designing makes typing a very convenient task due to the angle at which it is placed. Thus a highly recommended buy. You will never regret your decision and every penny spent will be worth it!

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