When I first heard about the Macally TUNEFAN 2.1 Stereo Speakers with Subwoofer and Cooling Fan I was a little skeptical.  Speakers and a cooling pad seemed like a strange combination at first, but once I started using it I have to admit I was hooked.  The device is USB powered, but the makers were kind enough to include an AC/DC adaptor to make sure things run smoothly.  There’s a line-in jack that lets you use other audio or MP3 players with the speakers. The large fan keeps laptops cool without causing a racket – the speakers take care of that job! This cooler even looks great, with a blue LED light built in.  This device keeps my computer cool and running well as well as provides high quality audio – it really takes care of everything.


  • Two in One Functionality: I am a web programmer by day and a gamer by night.  This cooler works to help me in both pursuits.  The large fan keeps my laptop cool whether I’m writing code or shooting zombies.  The audio function is a huge step up from my dinky little laptop speakers, allowing me to listen to music (or bombs exploding) in a much more immersive way.

  • Excellent Sound Quality: When hearing about this cooler I sort of ignored the audio part, thinking it was just a gimmick to make the device more interesting.  I was absolutely wrong to do so, because the sound quality is amazing.  I can play music loud enough for everyone to listen to if I’m having a party, plus the stereo effect is great for gaming.

  • Two Ways to Power: A big thumbs up to Macally for thinking to include both USB and AC/DC power options for this device.  While the cooler on its own doesn’t put a strain on the battery, having the speakers on does have an effect.  When you switch from USB to outlet power the speakers get louder, giving it even more functionality.

  • Line-In Jack: While I use this device more as a cooler than as speakers, it’s really nice to have the option to plug an MP3 player in.  It’s a great alternative to iPod speakers.   My girlfriend will usually plug her iPod in while we’re cleaning up around the house or cooking dinner.  It lets you get a lot of use out of one device.

  • Effective Fan: With all the excitement about the audio functions, it’s easy to forget about the device’s cooling powers.  It definitely does the job.  A large fan keeps computers cool and running as they should without creating enough of a racket to keep the speakers from doing their job.


  • A Little Small: If you have a larger laptop you may have trouble fitting it on the cooling pad.  My laptop is 17 inches and hangs over the edge just a bit.  The surface has enough grip to it that I’m not constantly fighting to keep my computer on, though, so as long as you don’t mind things not lining up exactly right it’s not an issue.

  • Fan Does Make Some Noise: While the fan is not loud, it’s not exactly silent either.  I’ve used coolers where the fan doesn’t make a sound at all, but this one is about the same level of noise as the average laptop fan.  Definitely not loud enough to cause a distraction, and in most situations it will blend in with other noise in the room (or be completely covered up by the sounds coming out of the speakers).

Having a cooler and a set of speakers in the same place was a stroke of genius that I am taking full advantage of.  Both the fan and the audio system that come with the Macally TUNEFAN 2.1 are high quality.  You get great sound, great cooling, and the option of using USB or AC/DC power. This gives you a ton of flexibility and makes both work and play easier and more enjoyable.  It’s a bit of an investment, but this device is worth every penny.

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I decided to go with the Antec Unbeatable Notebook Cooler 200 to give my laptop a bit of fresh air and I am so glad I did.  I work from home as a web programmer and video game designer and my favorite hobby is gaming.  I spend a lot of time on my trusty laptop, which means overheating can be a problem.  The 200 millimeter Antec Big Boy Fan is more than enough to deal with the heat.  The fan comes with two speed settings, allowing me to choose how much juice I want. Even though it’s big, the fan is very quiet, allowing me to work without having to reach for the earplugs. The low power USB adaptor runs efficiently and won’t decimate your battery.  It even looks great with a sleek design and an internal blue LED light.  This device is heavy duty enough to deal with all of your cooling needs without being a burden on your power sources – you can’t go wrong with it.


  • Heavy Duty Fan: I really love this thing.  When I’m gaming my laptop can get dangerously hot, but the Antec Big Boy Fan is more than a match for it.  It distributes air evenly, efficiently, and powerfully. My laptop stays cool no matter what program or game I’m running – in fact, my computer’s built in fans rarely turn on at all.

  • Two Speed Settings: Some of the laptop coolers I’ve tried before have a “one size fits all” mentality.  They have one speed setting and you have to pray it works for you.  This isn’t the case with the Antec Unbeatable.  There are two fan-speed settings built in, allowing you to choose exactly how much oomph you want.  I usually keep it on the lower setting for programming and then amp it up when I’m gaming.  Both settings work great.

  • Easy on the Battery: I hate it when accessories become a huge drain on my battery life. Because of this I was a little worried about hooking a large fan up through a USB.  I shouldn’t have worried, though, because this device is incredibly efficient.  I haven’t noticed much of a drain on my battery at all, yet it’s still powerful enough to keep things cool.

  • Nearly Silent: Quiet is essential for me when I’m working. Having a loud fan around can be extremely distracting.  This hasn’t been an issue in the slightest with the Antec Unbeatable.  The fan operates with almost no noise.  It’s also powerful enough that my computer’s built-in fans are nearly always off, making the environment even more silent.  Definitely a boost to my productivity level.


  • A Bit Heavy: If you’re looking for a cooler to travel around with, I would not recommend this one.  Because its fan is so powerful it’s a little bulky.  Definitely not laptop-case friendly.  However, if you’re planning on using it around the home it’s a great bet.  You won’t have to move it too far and you can take full advantage of the giant fan.

  • No Off Switch: Since your computer is still supplying power even when it’s in sleep mode, the cooler won’t turn off if it’s still plugged in.  This can be a bit annoying if you’re worried about battery life.  I expected this based on my experience with other coolers, so it was pretty easy to get into the habit of unplugging it every time I turn my laptop off.

The Antec Unbeatable Notebook Cooler has made a huge difference in the efficiency and temperature of my laptop.  It helps keep things running smoothly whether I’m surfing the web, working, or gaming. The Antec Big Boy Fan is unbeatable, providing consistent cooling without causing a racket or destroying my battery.  It looks great and works even better.  It’s a bit of an investment compared to other laptop coolers, but it’s definitely an investment worth making.

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I’ve been looking for a good laptop cooler for a while to help me in my programming business.  After some research I chose the Cooler Master Notepal X2 Notebook Cooler. It’s a choice I don’t regret making!  This laptop cooler comes with two height settings, which lets me choose exactly how I’d like my laptop configured.  It accommodates up to seventeen inch notebooks, which means I can use it for both of my computers.  The large metal mesh surface and super silent fan work beautifully, keeping my laptop cool and working the way it should.  There’s a fan speed control that lets me decide exactly how much air I want.  A blue LED light turns on when the cooler is running, which lets me know it’s on (plus it looks really cool). It’s a great piece of equipment that’s made my laptops more functional and comfortable to use.


  • Cools Effectively: My laptop used to get hot to the touch when I was programming, and if I was playing a game?  Forget it.  It’d overheat so badly it’d shut down at times.  I didn’t want to give the laptop up, but with the Notepal X2 I didn’t have to.  It keeps my laptop cool and functioning smoothly, even when I’m gaming.  This makes it easier for me to work and play.

  • Two Height Settings: I’ve never had any problems with repetitive movement injuries, and I’d like to keep it that way.  Since I spend so much time on the computer having an ergonomically designed base with an adjustable height setting is extremely useful.  No matter how I have my workspace set up I can make sure my laptop is comfortable and safe to use.

  • Huge Surface Area: I have a 17.3 inch laptop and was a little nervous about if it would fit or not, but I shouldn’t have been.  While it does overshoot the surface just a bit, the computer stays still and is cooled efficiently.  The same goes for my netbook (although I don’t use it on the cooler quite as often).  My girlfriend’s 15 inch Dell fits perfectly. 

  • Very Quiet: I’ve used laptop coolers in the past that made a lot of noise.  This doesn’t bother me, but I was always self conscious when I used them in public.  Noise isn’t a problem with the Notepal X2.  Most of the time it’s so quiet I can’t even tell it’s on (although the blue LED light does give that away).  If for some reason the noise does bother you, the fan speed control lets you decide how much juice the fan has, which will reduce the noise.


  • A Little Bulky: The casing around the fan is a little bulky.  If you’re planning on traveling with it a lot you might find it annoying to try to fit into a laptop bag.  I usually use mine at home so I’ve never had much of a problem with it, plus it makes the base much sturdier, so it’s a compromise that’s worth making.

  • May Tilt a Little Too Much: I love having the adjustable tilt, but even at its lowest setting you may find the tilt a little too steep for you.  I found my laptop would very, very slowly slide off of the base as I worked.  The problem was fixed by a couple of tiny adhesive pads, and the angle is very comfortable to type at, so overall it wasn’t a big issue.

The cooler Master Notepal X2 Notebook Cooler is a fantastic choice.  It makes my programming work much easier to do and I can game for as long as I want to without having to worry about my computer overheating.  The slant is comfortable to type at and the fan is quiet enough that it’s not a disturbance.  Little things like the LED light make it visually appealing.  My laptops have definitely been much happier since I started using this cooler, which makes me (and my clients) much happier too.  If you’re looking for more functionality in your laptop, you’ll love this cooler.

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I love using my laptop around the house – on the bed, floor, couch; basically everywhere. But what I don’t love is getting roasted by the scorching heat put out by my laptop while I’m gaming or watching movies. I also don’t love the wimpy sound put out by my laptop speakers. Fortunately, after much searching I found a solution to both problems, the Logitech Speaker Lapdesk N700. Before I get to my review of this amazing product though, let’s take a quick look at the specs.

Overview of the Logitech Speaker Lapdesk N700

The Logitech Speaker Lapdesk N700 is a plug and play accessory for your laptop. It features built-in full stereo 2.0 speakers that deliver rich, powerful sound. It also includes a silent cooling fan that draws heat out and away from the laptop (and your legs), keeping you cool and comfortable. In addition, the lapdesk is covered in a lush, comfortable fabric that cushions your lap and legs, allowing you to work or watch movies on your laptop for hours without discomfort. Best of all, the laptop requires no external power source and connects to your laptop via a single USB cable.

My Experience with the Logitech Speaker Lapdesk N700

logitech speaker lapdesk n700

Now that the specs are out of the way, let’s get down to the nitty gritty. Does the lapdesk live up to the hype? The answer is yes! Not only did it meet all of my expectations but the first time I used it, I was completely blown away. As mentioned earlier, I love the convenience and portability of laptops but they do have serious limitations when it comes to comfort, mostly due to the heat they put out after extended use. Then there is the barely adequate sound. The Logitech Speaker Lapdesk N700 easily solves both problems.

It easily accommodates my 15 inch MacBook and holds it at a comfortable angle for typing regardless of whether I’m lying down in bed, on the couch or just sitting in my favorite chair. I also love the built in stops at the front, which prevent the laptop from falling forward, which means you can have the laptop nearly vertical and it won’t budge.

I also love that it shields my lap (and other sensitive parts) from all the heat my computer generates and funnels it out the back of the lapdesk and away from me. And the sound, wow! It completely blows away the internal speakers and sounds almost as good as my brand new TV, it’s unbelievable.


  • Plug and play installation, no software required
  • No external power source needed (runs off your laptop via USB cable)
  • No noticeable drain on laptop battery
  • Rich, powerful sound
  • Lush, padded base is extremely comfortable
  • Keeps your computer and lap cool
  • Fan is extremely silent


  • No rear stops like those found in the front, which would further minimize the risk of the laptop sliding off
  • Not very portable, so it’s best suited for home use

Here’s a good video introduction to the Logitech Speaker Lapdesk N700. It will help you to get a good idea of how the N700 works so be sure to watch it:

The Bottom Line

This is without a doubt the best laptop accessory I have ever bought, and my only regret is that I didn’t discover it years ago. I can now enjoy using my laptop for hours wherever I want in comfort, with beautiful, rich sound and a nice cool lap. I would have no reservations whatsoever recommending this to anyone that wants to get away from their desk and enjoy their laptop the way it was meant to be used.

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I work as a freelance web programmer and often end up doing most of my work sitting on the couch with my laptop on my lap.  I decided to give the Targus Lap Chill Mat a try and I was glad I did.  Other coolers I used in the past were noisy and uncomfortable to use, but this cooler is different.  The ergonomic tilt makes typing easy while the soft neoprene casing is comfortable to have on your lap.  Dual fans disperse heat effectively and safely, keeping your computer healthier than if you use a pillow or a comfortable to block the heat.  Four rubber stops keeps laptops in their place no matter how you’re sitting. All in all it makes using my computer while on the couch or in bed much easier and more comfortable.


  • Comfortable on the Lap: Spending time working at a desk can get uncomfortable, so I like being able to move to the couch if I want (one of the perks of working from home).  When I’m going to be doing a marathon programming session I like to be comfortable and the Targus Lap Chill definitely helps with that.  The soft neoprene casing is very comfortable to work with no matter how long I’m using it.

  • Great Intake Positioning: The fans draw their air from the side with this cooler.  That may not sound like a big deal, but it does make it possible to use it on a bed or couch without having to sacrifice efficiency.  Your laptop stays cool no matter where you put it.

  • Quiet Fans: I’m always a little self-conscious about having loud fans going when I’m using my laptop in a public place.  With this cooler noise is not an issue.  The fans are no louder than the ones in my laptop, so no matter what environment I’m in the noise doesn’t stick out.  Much of the time I don’t even realize they’re going.

  • Ergonomic Tilt: Nothing’s worse than wrist soreness because of a poorly set up work station.  The ergonomic tilt on the Targus Lap Chill keeps your wrists and fingers comfortable as you type.  It’s the perfect angle for me while I’m sitting on the couch, and it works just as well if I want to put it up on a desk.  


  • USB Cord is Long: The USB cord that connects the cooler to your laptop is a little long.  There’s no compartment to put the cord in while you’re using it, so the end result is a little messy.  If you have kids around it may end up being a problem.  I just grabbed a Velcro strap and used it to wind up some of the extra cord, so in the end it wasn’t much of an issue for me.

  • No Off Switch: I tend to leave the cooler plugged in all the time, which means when my computer goes into standby mode the fans keep going.  This doesn’t bother me too much, but it may result in a little bit more power consumption.  An easy solution to this is to just unplug the cooler when you turn your laptop off.

Having the Targus Lap Chill Mat on hand has really made working more comfortable.  It’s a very easy mat to use no matter how I have my workspace set up.  It’s quiet yet powerful, keeping my computer cool without blasting me with annoying fan sounds.  It’s got a great ergonomic tilt and keeps my laptop in place without a problem.  It even looks nice!  It’s a great choice for anyone who wants a little extra cooling power in their laptop.

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The Zalman ZM-NC2000 Notebook cooler is awesome. It has a uber-cool design: skinny 3mm thick aluminum panel, ergonomic parts without protruding edges or senseless details, non slip rubber tracking, blue LED glow and well hidden USB ports and power. It doesn’t just look good. It performs exceptionally well too.

The Zalman ZM-NC2000 accompanies my laptop during my adventures in World of War Craft and long hours of web surfing without a single whimper. It’s not completely noiseless, all you’ll hear is a slight whirring sound but that’s about it. Zalman ZM-NC2000 is really quiet compared to my previous laptop coolers. I like to leave my computer on throughout day and night only letting it hibernate while I sleep, but most of the time it’s downloading and running programs.

Only the best quality materials are used to build the Zalman ZM-NC2000. Much like high quality cookware, it’s made from premium grade aluminum which has been processed using D.S.A Surface processing (D.S.A = Diamond Cutting, Sand Blasting and Anodizing). When you hold it in your hand you’ll notice how its material is something different from other cheaper and more flimsy/plasticky laptop coolers.

I’ve spent a hard time trying to look for a laptop cooler to fit my 17″ laptop, and the Zalman cooler fits perfectly for it. It isn’t bulky and clumsy because it has a very slim profile (much like the Macbook AIR or other ultra-slim laptops). In fact it’s so slim that I can fit both my laptop and cooler into my travel case. The cooler itself is large but its slim-ness helps a lot when you’re packing it in a back with your laptop.

If you are planning on using the laptop cooler with a netbook or smaller laptop, try the Zalman ZM-NC1000 instead, this is the smaller version of this Zalman notebook (which is the NC2000 model). The engineering of Zalman ZM-NC2000 is made so that the fans faces the back in the area where there is the most abundant in airflow. When the cooling legs are propped up you can feel a little of the cool air coming out from underneath the unit.

zalman silver zm-nc2000 notebook cooler

Yes, the Zalman ZM-NC2000 also comes in a cool silver color.

My laptop feels so much more comfortable to touch and use when I’m using this laptop cooler. With Zalman ZM-NC2000 turned on there’s a real drop in temperature and isn’t that hot to the hands anymore. My palm used to feel tired from the heat but right now its all relaxed because much of the my laptop’s heat has been sucked away by the Zalman’s powerful fans.

The LED light can be too bright for some folks but I didn’t find it too piercing to the eye. It’s actually kinda cool to have it shining a scifi-ish blue light in a darkened room. Actually the Zalman’s LED goes perfectly with my LaCie 1TB hard disk (another sleek black gadget with a blue light emitter). Don’t worry, the LED will probably be the least of your worries, it isn’t as bad as it sounds.


  • Powerful cooling fans help to reduce heat consistently
  • Excellent build quality makes it sturdy and not flimsy
  • Extremely quiet despite its strong airflow
  • Large enough to support a 17″ laptop and a little room for more


  • It’s a little expensive.
  • Could have been outfitted with an extra fan or two.
  • The surface may leave marks if you scratch against it too hard (treat with care or buy the silver color version).

Here’s a video review of the Zalman ZM-NC2000 Notebook Cooler if you want to get a better feel of how it looks:

One thing though that you ought to know: The Zalman ZM-NC2000 isn’t as cheap as other laptop coolers. But you’re really paying for quality. Maybe Zalman could have been more generous to us customers by throwing in an extra fan or a USB hub while they are at it but seriously, this laptop cooler is value-for-money stuff that’s worth every cent.

The Zalman ZM-NC2000 is a high quality laptop cooler with a great design. It does its job well and is built to last for a long time (many years) so it’s a smart investment. This is one of the cases where you really get what you paid for. Highly recommended.

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Retail Price: Varies based on product options
Amazon Price: View Sale Price
Xpad Slim is a basic laptop cooler designed to fit a 15- 17″ laptop. Its name pretty much describes the design of the product. It is slim, light-weight (weighs 1.5 pounds), with rubber soles which forms an X-sign. I like that Xpad Slim design supports an ordinary 17″ laptop and secures it into place with its non-slip X-soles. I’ve lend it to my friend who has a 15″ laptop once and it worked perfectly well. I particularly like this cooling system because of its portability and streamlined design.

Xpad Slim also is a great cooling system for a low price. It does what is advertised: cools your laptop by reducing the heat up to 60 degrees celsius. Best of all, it does this miraculously without the use of fans. I was cynical at first but it actually works. The X-pattern raises your laptop off your stuffy work desk, providing sufficent ventilation between your laptop and your work space. Cooling systems can be tricky if the design of the air flow is not conducive for long term use. Fortunately, with Xpad Slim, there are no fans for fan blades to get jammed by wandering dust or debris. This saves you the irritation of plugging off the USB cord and turning the cooler over just to blow off dust bunnies or random strands of hair.

The cooling system is very efficient and it does not block critical airflow or interfere with circulation of the fans. I like that fact that it is very comfortable to use on my lap or any other surface and the cooling effect stays on very long hours and there is enough space in the bottom to suck in the air.

Another advantage to owning a fan-free cooling system is that it frees up all your USB ports so that they can be used for other things. This becomes a huge plus. I can now use the extra port to fit my Bluetooth adaptor or to charge my Ipod. Due to the lack of fans, my laptop is now much quieter than before.

There are times when you want to limit your spending budget and getting a high end laptop cooler may be out of the question. It is times like these when affordable choices like Xpad Slim laptop coolers will be a perfect choice. Xpad Slim works really well and lasts a long time too. The only thing I am not not crazy about is its silver colour as it doesn’t really match my black laptop. The Xpad Slim also smelled strongly of rubber initially, although the smell wore off after a few days.

The Xpad Slim is more of a laptop cooler for casual internet users, I don’t think its really suitable for hardcore gamers who run temperature raising games and apps for ten over hours in marathon sessions of gaming. Some of remarked that after a long session of gaming, they noticed that some of the built-in cooling crystals melted into viscous liquid.

While Xpad Slim may not be the best laptop cooler for heavy laptop users, it is a great choice for the casual laptop user and also a great alternative for people who tend to be easily annoyed by noisy and bulky fan-based coolers. The advantages to the Xpad Slim far outweighs its negatives. It is also really affordable so it is great as a spare laptop cooler to carry with you while you surf the net outdoors. I use it as my back-up cooler specifically geared of surfing free wifi at cafes. I love giving Xpad Slim as gifts because everyone essentially owns a laptop these days and laptop coolers always comes in handy.

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The Vantec Lapcool 3 Notebook Cooler is an amazing silent laptop cooler. Although Vantec states that it operates at 25dBA (decibles), I’ve got the impression that it actually operates at half as loud as it claims to operate. The Vantec is so silent that my sensitive cats are no longer get spooked by the constant whizzing sounds of my previous laptop cooler.

There are two large 80 by 80 mm fans running at 0.9 watts of power when plugged into the laptop’s USB port. The air rate flows about 28cfm, providing optimal cooling power for any laptop. The Vantec Lapcool 3 has fans that functions similar to powerful exhaust fans – it sucks the hot air from the laptop and exiting it out from the rear of the laptop cooler. One huge advantage to this is that you are able to use it on irregular surfaces such as on the bed or right on your lap without having to worry about obstructing the airflow or jamming the fans.

Not only is the Vantec Lapcool 3’s twin fan system worthy of praise, its construction is extremely lightweight and slim. It weighs only 15oz and I have no problems taking Lapcool 3 along with my wherever I go. The construction is stable with rubber stoppers on its bottom that support a 15.4″ laptop adequately. You might find that there is an inch or two overhanging but that does not make shake the solid grip that the laptop cooler has on the workspace. On the other hand, this makes the Vantec Lapcool 3 may be just perfect for netbooks.

The Vantec Lapcool 3 might not be the fanciest of laptop coolers around (it has flimsy plastic casing) but it doesn’t affect its awesome laptop cooling abilities one bit. The light plastic is actually a pro rather than a con for some as they might value portability over sturdy design. The only downside is that there are no extra built-in USB ports unlike some other models but you aren’t really buying laptop coolers to get extra usb ports are you? A USB hub will be good enough for that purpose.

The price for the Vantec Lapcool 3 is dirt cheap considering the quality of its performance. I am very impressed with how functional, quiet yet powerful it is and how much cooler my laptop has become since I started using it. I really think Lapcool 3 is worth every penny spent. Even though Lapcool 3 is deceptively affordable, it is a high performance laptop cooler that will effectively cool and prolong the life of your laptop. Get it for the sake of your beloved laptop!

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The Slim Smart Laptop Cooler is a no-frills product. It is extremely cheap and yet it does the same job of cooling your laptop compared to pricier brands. Perhaps even better because it has 3 fans instead of just one. The Slim Smart Laptop Cooler also has a cool LED light that lights up your laptop’s rear for a cool aura effect.

Slim Smart Laptop Cooler is very pleasant to behold; transparent white with blue rays of light that shines outward. I think it will compliment the pristine white of most MacBooks impeccably. The largest pull for me is its dirt cheap price. I like the Slim Smart Laptop Cooler mostly because there aren’t many functional laptop coolers that cost $10 or under that look good and works well.

I use it specifically for desk work or gaming but not on the couch or the bed. This is because Slim Smart Laptop Cooler does not have a plastic grill protection for its fans. Therefore, its fans are left naked and bare, making them prone to jamming when placed over fabrics. This also means its not a good idea to put it on your legs.

However, Slim Smart Laptop Cooler works great on the table and looks futuristic enough to get my SCI-FI geek friends’s compliments. Best of all, Slim Smart Laptop Cooler actually cools my laptop efficiently. Games have ran smoother with less hang ups and my laptop does not feel hot to the touch. There is also an extra USB port in case you’re ever short of plugging space. Having 3 fans is definitely a plus, if one fan ever breaks down, you’ll have two other fans for back up. This is something that more expensive brands of laptop coolers should incorporate. But what do you know? A feature actually found on a laptop cooler for under ten bucks.

In terms of construction, I would say Slim Smart Laptop Cooler has some room for improvement. For instance, the rubber grips on the bottom could have more tracking power. Not that Slim Smart Laptop Cooler slips out of place, but I wish that the grips had a tad bit more resistance. Another thing is that the fans are not covered by a grill, so the laptop cooler can be brought to the couch for lounging around. This poses no problems for people who work solely on the desk like myself. The plastic casing is not the sturdiest, but for its price, you pay for what you get.

I haven’t encountered any issues with Slim Smart Laptop Cooler thus far and that’s pretty impressive for a cheap laptop cooler. If you are ever on a laptop cooler hunt and are strapped for cash, I would certainly recommend Slim Smart Laptop Cooler. It looks great and works great as well. Cheap bargain for a laptop cooler that actually works.


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The Syba Notebook cooling pad is a perfect buy for cooling as it the device has a huge 7-inches big size fan allowing very slow RPM speed of the fan which leads to a minimal level of the noise which is almost negligible. Interestingly the fan speed adjusts to whatever temperature the laptop attains automatically.

The fan speed is usually 750 RPM, the sound level of the device is barely 20-24 decibels and there is one USB powered fan which is used for cooling. Moreover the material of the device is Polystyrene which is conducive to heat disbursement.

The expectant life of the device is 10000 hours. The voltage is 5V DC, current 0.04A and power usage is 2 Watts. Moreover, the blue Led light is also the most perfect blue which helps relax the stress away.

I like the cooling system of the Syba Notebook cooling pad and consider it excellent. The fan is fantastic and absolutely quiet. The airflow is very effective and quick. Moreover the model is good looking as well as very affordable. It is a great buy for the price for the superior cooling function it performs. Due to its fantastic cooling my laptop runs faster and thus does not shut due to excessive heating.

Moreover, the non slippery skid pads are very strong and provide a good grip to the laptop which prevents the notebook from slipping and thus makes it comfortable to work. I like the way the blue LED light looks in the dark.

On the other hand I do not like the fact that the cooling pad can be used only on a table or a lap table surface since the fan is completely exposed to the bottom. If the fan blade was covered it surely was the best alternative. Moreover, immense care needs to be taken when the USB cord is plugged in since there is no system for putting it on or off. Moreover, the box of the cooling pad says that the height is adjustable however that option is not viable on this model.

However, on an overall I would strongly recommend this model for its utility, compatibility, affordability and its smart looks. The cooling system is a sure shot success and works very well. Moreover, it is a great value for money and a perfect purchase for the price you pay. Thus just go ahead and buy the Syba Notebook Cooling Pad which is absolutely worth every penny you will pay for it!

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