I really like the ThermaPAK HeatShift Pad. Here’s why. Generally, when we think in lines of laptop cooling devices, we would immediately think of fans. But there are ways that do not require power to cool your laptop. The ThermaPAK HeatShift Pad is one such alternative. It uses self-cooling crystals instead of the usual USB powered fans to cool your laptop.

The entire surface area of ThermaPAK HeatShift Pad is filled with the crystals and they really do work to cool your whole base of your laptop. This method of cooling is superior to fan-based laptop coolers that only cool the spots where the fans are. Since there is no power required to run fans, you save on having to use a USB port and am free from any noise from any extra fans (which can sometimes be ridiculously loud) are totally eliminated. ThermaPAK HeatShift Pad works really well for a short duration of laptop cooling. I like how it helps my laptop save power and prolong the its battery mileage as well.

What I think is neat about the ThermaPAK HeatShift Pad is its portability. ThermaPAK HeatShift Pad is so light and durable that I like to take it with me to my regular coffee joint. ThermaPAK HeatShift Pad works like a comforting pillow for my laptop. It enhances my laptop’s performance by keeping it cool, which makes downloads and programs run faster with less hiccups. ThermaPAK HeatShift Pad is also really straight-forward to use. Just place your computer on top of it and feel laptop temperature drop dramatically within minutes. It can reduce your laptop’s temperature by reduces the temperature by 5-8 Celsius degrees easily.

ThermaPAK HeatShift Pad cools really well for 2-3 hours of continuous usage. It has a down time though: the crystals need to rest and recharge itself for the next cooling session. That does not mean that ThermaPAK HeatShift Pad requires refrigeration. On the contrary, it only needs to be left alone, away from heated devices for a while to regain its cooling abilities. Or you can put it in the fridge as well, some of my friends do that and it seems to work well for them.

If you’re looking for a laptop cooler that can cool for up to 6 or more hours, ThermaPAK HeatShift Pad will not be your ideal laptop cooler. This is because the crystals have a limited expenditure and will only work in short bursts of 2-3 hours maximum. This means that the ThermaPAK isn’t for hardcore gamers or computer users who need to leave the laptop on for many, many hours.

Design-wise, the ThermaPAK HeatShift Pad is sleek and nice to look at. It’s feels like you’re treating your laptop really well by providing it a nice, cool and comfortable cushion. Overall, I am also very satisfied with the cooling performance of ThermaPAK HeatShift Pad. I would definitely recommend this laptop cooling pad because of its design and short-term cooling capabilities. I never knew a simple cooling pad like this could work so well, even without the use of fans or electricity!

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The portable Cool life is barely 5 ounces on weight and it is basically designed such that airflow can be promoted in notebooks. It supports all kinds of notebooks. It has an angular design which promotes a good and fine posture and also ensures prevention of carpal tunnels. However the Cool lift is essentially designed for use on a desktop, or a table and not for usage on a lap.

The light weight and durability of the cool-lift ensures portability and suitable for purpose of travel. The size is barely 10 inches by 1.125 inches by 8 inches which confirms the above.

I like the comfort which I derive due to typing on my notebook which is placed on the cooling pad. This is due to the fact that the keyboard is put at a very comfortable angle which thus creates the ease.

All my overheating problems have been solved and the cooling system works fabulously on my laptop. It elevates the notebook a bit for air circulation which makes the cooling system very effective and quick.

Moreover, the pricing of the product makes it very affordable and attractive. Also, the light weight proves the cooler pad very portable and I can easily carry it wherever I go.

Furthermore, it proves to grip small and mini laptops very securely and gives stability. The cooling pad had increased the battery life of my notebook since the speed was surely decreased by my over heating problems. Thus I consider it a fantastic buy.

A drawback which I face is that the cooling pad is a bit too small. It is barely about eleven to twelve inches. That would be problematic in terms of the cooler pad gripping a larger notebook very firmly.

Also, I do not like the fact that it cannot be placed on my lap while I am working. The foam makes it flimsy and thus inconvenient if not used on a hard surface. Also due to the smoothness of the product, if kept on a tilted surface could cause your laptop to slide very easily.

Overall, a very good buy and a value for money product. The designing, durability and sturdiness attributes to the great value of the product. Moreover, the quick, effective and silent cooling is a sure added advantage which proves to be very beneficial. Also the designing makes typing a very convenient task due to the angle at which it is placed. Thus a highly recommended buy. You will never regret your decision and every penny spent will be worth it!

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I love being able to use my laptop on my lap when I want a break from my desk, but I don’t like taking the risk of my laptop overheating.  The Logitech Notebook Cooling Pad N100 gives me the best of both worlds.  I can run my web programming business from the comfort of my couch without sacrificing my laptop’s functionality (or the skin on my legs).  The rear air intake brings air into the cooler, which is then distributed through the slotted surface underneath my laptop.  The whole process is even and virtually silent.  The fan is enclosed, keeping dust, pet hair and other nasty stuff out of the way.  It’s designed for efficiency, resulting in low energy consumption.  It even looks great, with a sleek design inspired by nature.  This is a great little cooler that keeps air flowing nicely without zapping too much power.


  • Energy Efficient: One thing I hated about other cooling pads I’ve tried is that they drain the life out of your battery very quickly.  This isn’t the case with the Logitech cooling pad.  The device is designed to be extremely efficient, so much so that I haven’t noticed a huge difference in my energy consumption.  At the same time it provides enough cooling to make my laptop run at its best, so really it’s the best of both worlds.

  • Rear Air Intake: Sometimes I get sick of working at my desk, so it’s nice to be able to take my laptop to the couch (one of my favorite parts of working at home).  Since this cooler has a rear air intake I don’t have to worry about a decline in functionality if I’m away from my desk. 

  • Virtually Silent: I like to have a very quiet environment when I’m working.  Using the Logitech Cooling Pad has actually given me a quieter workspace than just my laptop alone.  This cooler is remarkably quiet – sometimes I’m not even sure when it’s on!  It’s actually reduced the amount of time my laptop’s built-in fans are on, creating an even quieter environment than just the laptop alone.

  • Great Look: When I came home with this device my girlfriend got really excited and wanted to try it out.  Was it because of its ability to make her laptop run better?  No, it’s because she thought it looked great.  While I’m not as excited about it as she is, I do have to admit that it’s a nice looking cooler.  The design is very sleek and the green accent gives it an appealing look.  She says it complements her Macbook well – I just like that it’s not black like every other computer accessory out there.


  • No Extra USB Port: Some of the other coolers I’ve tried have come with an extra USB port to make up for the one it takes up on your laptop.  This cooler doesn’t come with any extras.  This wasn’t too much of a problem for me, though, since my laptop has more USB ports than I use on a regular basis anyway. I’d imagine most other computers are the same way.

  • Not Good for Big Laptops: My girlfriend and I both have laptops that are about fifteen inches, and the pad works very well for that size.  We tried out a friend’s seventeen inch computer, though, and it didn’t hold up quite as well.  Since there’s only one fan you’ll really need a more powerful machine for a bigger laptop.  However, its small size is what makes it so efficient, so if you have a smaller computer it’s both effective and light on battery drain.

The Logitech Notebook Cooling Pad N100 is a sleek, efficient little machine that will cool a laptop without sucking the life out of its battery.  It’s quiet, effective, and well designed.  It even looks pretty nice.  Since using it I’ve noticed my laptop running a little faster, especially if I’m using it on my couch or in bed.  If your laptop has been running hot or you’re just sick of heating up your legs every time you use your computer on your lap you’ll definitely be pleased with this little device.

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Kinamax Fan NTP3 Business Notebook Cooler pad weighs 1.2 pounds, light weight and portable and with about half an inch thickness which makes it easily conducive to travel use. The cooling system consists of 3 in built 60 mm fans which are quiet and work quickly and efficiently for heat dissipation.

Moreover, the front fan has a system for on and off which makes it easily accessible. Also the fans are USB powered and additional adapters are not needed. The fan speed is about 3000 RPM when it is put on and it creates a 30 CFM of airflow.

Moreover, the hot air is sucked in from underneath the laptop and comes out through the opening on the rear. There are 3 green LED lights which are on indicating that the fans are on working status. The noise of the fan is barely to a 21 decibel level.

I like the Kinamax Business Notebook Cooler Pad and feel it is the best option to get to the lowest temperatures amongst all the other possible alternative solutions. This makes it the most comfortable while using on a lap or a table.

Moreover, I like the fact that it cools my laptop in just a few minutes say in 8-10 minutes. Also, with the fan being so effective, it is very quiet and does not make any noise which thus proves to be more conducive to work environment

Also the product is priced very attractively and thus I found it very affordable.

A drawback which I faced was that the product is a bit curved and opened from the bottom which makes it a bit uncomfortable on the lap; however a lap desk suits perfectly fine.

Also, I feel that the USB cord is a bit too long and thus immense care needs to be taken while handling it. Moreover, I feel that the construction is a bit flimsy since there is some loose wiring open on the bottom which can prove to be a bit dangerous.

Overall, I strongly suggest the Kinamax Fan-NTP3 Business Notebook Cooler Pad since it is a steal for the price which it available for. Also, the cooling system is absolutely fantastic and does the job superbly.

Moreover, the durability and sturdiness of the product can be motivators to get the cooling pad. Thus a sure shot recommendation, worth each dollar you pay for it!

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The Belkin F5L028 laptop cooling lounge is a perfect pick for if you want to protect your laptop from incessant heat and without having to only work on a desk or a table. It weighs 4 pounds and is a USB powered device which does not require and bulky adapters or batteries.

It has a fan which is strategically placed to move all the hot air away from the computer and you also. The cooling lounge does not restrict the user to be bound to a desk and can work on a comfortable sofa or in an easy chair.

It is specially designed for an extra-wide design which makes it easy and comfortable to work on the pad without the laptop slipping. The curvature and the neutral color scheme would match any décor very nicely. An interesting feature which the pad has is an adjustable height mechanism which gives the utmost comfort while working.

Most attractively it is backed up by a one year warranty which is an added feature.

I love the fact that it is very comfortable on my lap and that the elevation of the incline is adjustable from beneath the device. Moreover, when placed on the desk, the contoured front lip of the device serves very comfortable for wrist support and also make it easier for typing with the elevation of the lounge. Furthermore, the customized height of the screen makes it easier to work on the laptop.

I feel that the cooling system is fantastic as well. Under the laptop there is an excellent space for air circulation which helps keep the former cooled while long sessions of use as well. It also has a good gripping system which the laptop fits very well into.

On the other hand I feel that at times the sound of the fan is a bit loud this can be disturbing though does not prove to be a very big hindrance. Also, I feel that the size is a bit bulky which might prove to be troublesome for travel use. Also at times, the bottom lip is tall which presses into the wrists during long sessions However, I do not appreciate the fact that the cooler does not turn off when the laptop is off.

Overall, I would recommend this product for its convenience of usage and customization of height according to comfort and ease. Moreover, I feel that cooling system is surely very efficient. The device is surely a strongly recommended buy!

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The Antec USB- Powered Notebook Cooler weighs 2.8 pounds and is a very worthwhile proposition protecting your valuable investment and reduces the heat of your laptop.

It has a USB fan powered cooler with the inclusion of a pass through connector. Interestingly the Antec notebook cooler uses the USB port for drawing power however without losing complete use of the USB port. The device is low on the power consumption factor. Moreover, a power adapter or batteries are not required for the running of the pad.

For an efficient cooling system, 2 double ball bearing fans are also attached for added reliability. The mechanism works absolutely silently, only up to 25.9 decibel. The attractive feature of the cooling pad is that the AQ3 Antec Quality has a three year warranty attaché to it.

The Antec notebook cooler I feel is a better alternative than most of the alternative solutions. I like the construction of the plastic body and the metal top which makes it very solid, stable and sturdy. Moreover, the aluminum top helps disburse the heat well and works well due to its durability as well. This makes it work well on the table, lap or desk without making it uncomfortably warm on either.

I also like the USB cable, which is nice and short pass-through one which also has an extra USB port which helps connect to other devices as well.

Moreover, I feel that the cooling system is very efficient and the fans make no noise irrespective of the speed at which they are running. The surface holes which are designed to have an option of rubber pegs for increased space improve air flow.

The pad is very solid due to its solid rubber feet and thus provides a very strong grip of the laptop thus I find it very comfortable to use and can vouch for its portability as well.

I am very pleased with the three year warranty attached to the device which gives me a comfort factor and an assurance in case if the device fails.

On the other hand, I did not appreciate the fact that outer holes along with the fans accumulate dust all the time. Moreover, though the air flow looks like it was flowing from the entire top, actually it was only from the center.

I was not very comfortable with the blue LED light as it was a bit too bright, however that I realized could be covered with an electrical tape. I felt that the cable might prove to be a bit short for those who did not have left side USB ports and would thus need a USB extender.

On the overall, I felt would surely recommend the product due to its effective cooling system, versatile and sturdy designing. The pros would be a sure shot winner over the cons thus go for this device and you are sure to experience happiness!

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