Syba SY-NBK68002 Silent Giant 7-Inch Fan Laptop Cooling Pad Review

The Syba Notebook cooling pad is a perfect buy for cooling as it the device has a huge 7-inches big size fan allowing very slow RPM speed of the fan which leads to a minimal level of the noise which is almost negligible. Interestingly the fan speed adjusts to whatever temperature the laptop attains automatically.

The fan speed is usually 750 RPM, the sound level of the device is barely 20-24 decibels and there is one USB powered fan which is used for cooling. Moreover the material of the device is Polystyrene which is conducive to heat disbursement.

The expectant life of the device is 10000 hours. The voltage is 5V DC, current 0.04A and power usage is 2 Watts. Moreover, the blue Led light is also the most perfect blue which helps relax the stress away.

I like the cooling system of the Syba Notebook cooling pad and consider it excellent. The fan is fantastic and absolutely quiet. The airflow is very effective and quick. Moreover the model is good looking as well as very affordable. It is a great buy for the price for the superior cooling function it performs. Due to its fantastic cooling my laptop runs faster and thus does not shut due to excessive heating.

Moreover, the non slippery skid pads are very strong and provide a good grip to the laptop which prevents the notebook from slipping and thus makes it comfortable to work. I like the way the blue LED light looks in the dark.

On the other hand I do not like the fact that the cooling pad can be used only on a table or a lap table surface since the fan is completely exposed to the bottom. If the fan blade was covered it surely was the best alternative. Moreover, immense care needs to be taken when the USB cord is plugged in since there is no system for putting it on or off. Moreover, the box of the cooling pad says that the height is adjustable however that option is not viable on this model.

However, on an overall I would strongly recommend this model for its utility, compatibility, affordability and its smart looks. The cooling system is a sure shot success and works very well. Moreover, it is a great value for money and a perfect purchase for the price you pay. Thus just go ahead and buy the Syba Notebook Cooling Pad which is absolutely worth every penny you will pay for it!

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