USB2.0 Powered Slim Smart Laptop Cooler Pad Review

The Slim Smart Laptop Cooler is a no-frills product. It is extremely cheap and yet it does the same job of cooling your laptop compared to pricier brands. Perhaps even better because it has 3 fans instead of just one. The Slim Smart Laptop Cooler also has a cool LED light that lights up your laptop’s rear for a cool aura effect.

Slim Smart Laptop Cooler is very pleasant to behold; transparent white with blue rays of light that shines outward. I think it will compliment the pristine white of most MacBooks impeccably. The largest pull for me is its dirt cheap price. I like the Slim Smart Laptop Cooler mostly because there aren’t many functional laptop coolers that cost $10 or under that look good and works well.

I use it specifically for desk work or gaming but not on the couch or the bed. This is because Slim Smart Laptop Cooler does not have a plastic grill protection for its fans. Therefore, its fans are left naked and bare, making them prone to jamming when placed over fabrics. This also means its not a good idea to put it on your legs.

However, Slim Smart Laptop Cooler works great on the table and looks futuristic enough to get my SCI-FI geek friends’s compliments. Best of all, Slim Smart Laptop Cooler actually cools my laptop efficiently. Games have ran smoother with less hang ups and my laptop does not feel hot to the touch. There is also an extra USB port in case you’re ever short of plugging space. Having 3 fans is definitely a plus, if one fan ever breaks down, you’ll have two other fans for back up. This is something that more expensive brands of laptop coolers should incorporate. But what do you know? A feature actually found on a laptop cooler for under ten bucks.

In terms of construction, I would say Slim Smart Laptop Cooler has some room for improvement. For instance, the rubber grips on the bottom could have more tracking power. Not that Slim Smart Laptop Cooler slips out of place, but I wish that the grips had a tad bit more resistance. Another thing is that the fans are not covered by a grill, so the laptop cooler can be brought to the couch for lounging around. This poses no problems for people who work solely on the desk like myself. The plastic casing is not the sturdiest, but for its price, you pay for what you get.

I haven’t encountered any issues with Slim Smart Laptop Cooler thus far and that’s pretty impressive for a cheap laptop cooler. If you are ever on a laptop cooler hunt and are strapped for cash, I would certainly recommend Slim Smart Laptop Cooler. It looks great and works great as well. Cheap bargain for a laptop cooler that actually works.


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