Xpad Slim Non-slip Laptop Cooler and Heatshield Review

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Xpad Slim is a basic laptop cooler designed to fit a 15- 17″ laptop. Its name pretty much describes the design of the product. It is slim, light-weight (weighs 1.5 pounds), with rubber soles which forms an X-sign. I like that Xpad Slim design supports an ordinary 17″ laptop and secures it into place with its non-slip X-soles. I’ve lend it to my friend who has a 15″ laptop once and it worked perfectly well. I particularly like this cooling system because of its portability and streamlined design.

Xpad Slim also is a great cooling system for a low price. It does what is advertised: cools your laptop by reducing the heat up to 60 degrees celsius. Best of all, it does this miraculously without the use of fans. I was cynical at first but it actually works. The X-pattern raises your laptop off your stuffy work desk, providing sufficent ventilation between your laptop and your work space. Cooling systems can be tricky if the design of the air flow is not conducive for long term use. Fortunately, with Xpad Slim, there are no fans for fan blades to get jammed by wandering dust or debris. This saves you the irritation of plugging off the USB cord and turning the cooler over just to blow off dust bunnies or random strands of hair.

The cooling system is very efficient and it does not block critical airflow or interfere with circulation of the fans. I like that fact that it is very comfortable to use on my lap or any other surface and the cooling effect stays on very long hours and there is enough space in the bottom to suck in the air.

Another advantage to owning a fan-free cooling system is that it frees up all your USB ports so that they can be used for other things. This becomes a huge plus. I can now use the extra port to fit my Bluetooth adaptor or to charge my Ipod. Due to the lack of fans, my laptop is now much quieter than before.

There are times when you want to limit your spending budget and getting a high end laptop cooler may be out of the question. It is times like these when affordable choices like Xpad Slim laptop coolers will be a perfect choice. Xpad Slim works really well and lasts a long time too. The only thing I am not not crazy about is its silver colour as it doesn’t really match my black laptop. The Xpad Slim also smelled strongly of rubber initially, although the smell wore off after a few days.

The Xpad Slim is more of a laptop cooler for casual internet users, I don’t think its really suitable for hardcore gamers who run temperature raising games and apps for ten over hours in marathon sessions of gaming. Some of remarked that after a long session of gaming, they noticed that some of the built-in cooling crystals melted into viscous liquid.

While Xpad Slim may not be the best laptop cooler for heavy laptop users, it is a great choice for the casual laptop user and also a great alternative for people who tend to be easily annoyed by noisy and bulky fan-based coolers. The advantages to the Xpad Slim far outweighs its negatives. It is also really affordable so it is great as a spare laptop cooler to carry with you while you surf the net outdoors. I use it as my back-up cooler specifically geared of surfing free wifi at cafes. I love giving Xpad Slim as gifts because everyone essentially owns a laptop these days and laptop coolers always comes in handy.

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